13 Things I acknowledge on this Thursday 13th

It has been a roller coaster year (I know it has not ended yet) but I would like to share things I cherish in my life thus far. Coincidentally is Thursday 13th Dec. So, here they are:


This journey has turned out to be quite surprising and full of blessings. I am thankful to have lived thus far.


We have had some ups and downs and still have come put strong. We may have lost some people along the way but our unity has never been broken just challenged. I have come to appreciate my family more being a mother.

My Sun

Pun intended.  My tiny human has made everything oh so amazing. His smile each morning, his hands that lift up to me to hold him: him being there. Me coming to terms that I birthed him, is overwhelming and the best experience ever.

Re uniting with friends

Lately friends from as far back as primary school have remembered my existence. I have gotten back in touch with them and this has been rewarding. Some I thought I had lost forever, I have found.

Letting go of setbacks

Focusing on positivity works more dwelling on negatives.

Having a working plan for my book
I have scheduled what to do regarding my book: writing what I planned on that day.

Managing BSN

I have been able to patent some documents for Botswana Student Network throughout the year, I plan for these to be implemented.

Branding my name (in progress)

I have a Facebook page, this blog and wishing to launch my Youtube channel where I will share my poems.


There is nothing as uplifting as forgiving those who have wronged you. This has enabled me to do other important things and let other people be there for me.


Establishing my type of writing as revolutionary has tremendously inspired my writing. Its authentic and revolutionary.


My voice has become richer, so I have been told. I’m planning to create my fusion album and launch it next year. Singing again, has freed some of the things I had kept within.


I have started a praying routine this year, praying anywhere, anyhow, every day. I have found strength in that.


In everything else, I acknowledge love, that radiates from everything and everyone around me. Hence making me love life and continue writing.


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