Before I went out

Today? I went out into the world, with sweat pants and one of my old t-shirts and trainers. I had no expectation as to what it would feel like. How I would see people. I had been kept home for sometime (cultural procedures) but now I am able to go out and live, again.

The air sang to me and rain clouds gathered before me. As I type this, a bit of rain has fell on me but it was not much. It washed away all my recognitions of before, all the things that went found when the sun shone, it became clear and bright. It was like I had been gone a long time. And I saw her, the woman who sell sweets by the junction of the road near the mall opposite my home. I had thought she would have upgraded a bit, or moved or working somewhere. She had plans, she once shared with me. That in 2 months she would have added one or two more items for sale and bought a new chair and  table but she hadn’t. She looked the same as I last saw her. Its 3 months now and she is still there, selling sweets. What life is that? I thought. The rain did not wash her anew, as it did me. When it showered, she put away her stuff and packed and left. But I? I stood there, hair thirsty for rain and I sprawled my hands out and danced. I felt, somehow I longed for that.

Before I went out, I thought it would be different but then I realized I was the one who was different.

Have a inspiring night!



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