Rite of passage: After Birth

Its Monday night, thinking of the event on Saturday. I’ve been kept inside the house for sometime, now, 3 months to be exact. It was a time frame for me to heal  and bond with my baby. Being a mother, is a bliss. I have learnt a lot from expectations to taboos concerning being kept home. Made me appreciate my culture even more. I, for one, am not complaining. I have had time to catch up on lost time and rest, which is hard for me to do. So on the 1st December,my skin will be kissed by the sun. The thought of it, its breathtaking, I can’t almost wait. So, a lot of my friends and relatives are coming over, they’ll be music, food and hopefully the weather shall be friendly.

Well, I haven’t picked up a dress yet but I will have to wear this short blanket on my shoulders with a pin on.  And a headscarf. According to Ngwao ya Batswana,(Batswana culture) I have to’ look’ like a mother. That dress should be bought before Friday.

Pictures shall be shared after the event. So that you can see Botswana through my eyes.

Have an inspiring night!



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