Medical Writing

I have been watching a lot of Greys Anatomy this past week and it has been new each time I view it. The more I watch, the more the thought of being a surgeon surges up. I get that rush even at the point I’m in in my life presently. Yes! That is the impact it has on me. I get inspired by the characters’ lives in and out of the operating room. The way they fix or destroy people’s lives much like a book, I think. I can imaging myself in scenes like that, life and death situations: thrilling! Interacting with people, discovering medical mysteries, making medical history through it all.

I happen to ‘link up’ with Dr Christina Yang a lot. For her cold nature, adaptation to life in general and her straightforwardness. Her confidence and her independence draw me into reflecting myself that way. Or so, I have been told by close friends and relatives. I shall stop there then, not say more. But the fact is Greys has become significant in my life. But I will dwell in my writing because now my scalpel is my pen.

Have an inspiring day!



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