13 songs I listen to frequently

These are the songs that inspire me while I write. In no particular order:

  1. I was here – Beyonce : This song makes me use my time wisely, really, I get to wonder who would I be remembered by, I trust my epitaph will be written: here lies a woman who wrote anything, at anytime anywhere.
  2. If I die Young – The Band Perry: This song like I was here, pushes me to live life to the limit. And its going pretty well.
  3. Fever Dream – Iron & Wine: I listen to this while I sleep, it guides my dreams somehow, the guitar work, is brilliant!
  4. Believe – Yolanda Adams: When I want to get pumped up, I listen to this song. Its  high-five type of song.
  5. Breathless – Shayne Ward: This one reminds me of my late cousin, she loved the song very much.
  6. Breathe – Taylor Swift: I tend to miss the other part of me when i listen to this song.
  7. Exit wounds – The Script: I’m trying, dying from these exit wounds, singing : This song is one of the few which open a bit of my past.
  8. I choose you – Ryan Leslie: I play this song to my son, its amazing, the lyrics encourage me to realize my worth.
  9. Footprints in the sand – Leona Lewis: My sister loves the song, when I listen to it, I feel she’s near though she’s far away.
  10. Battle Colbie Cailat: I love the melody and the rhythm of this song.
  11. Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz: The song, in general is poetic and beautiful.
  12. Half of my heart- John Meyer: I love John’s music and the way it connects to the soul, like this song.
  13. Valerie – Amie Winehouse: Just like ‘Believe’ it pumps me up plus Amie had a perfect voice.

Thats is for today!

Have an inspiring day!



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