Turn an old shirt into a something new again!

This reminded me of when I was young and curious, serious to find my own perfect fit! Its an awesome share. Though its a first hearing of crayons which color fabrics permanently…hmm…must go search it out

Buggy and Buddy

Last month’s Kiwi Crate included a set of pastel dye sticks (basically crayons for coloring on fabric permanently) which we used to decorate one of the projects from the crate. (Here are some of my previous posts about Kiwi Crates if you are interested in learning more or wondering what in the world a Kiwi Crate is~ April: Gardening and September: Farmers Market.) The dye sticks were hardly used up at all, and I had saved them thinking we would find a use for them in the future. (We have so many leftover supplies from past Kiwi Crates~ I feel like my whole arts and crafts area is getting restocked each month!)

So the perfect opportunity arose to use the dyes. Lucy and I were going through her old clothes and we ran across a stained, white shirt. We thought what better way to fix it up than to…

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